Katherine Don



The Moral Landscape: An interview with New Atheist Sam Harris

The Rise of “True Blood’s” Nihilistic Vampire: A philosophical and political analysis of male lead characters in vampire sagas

The Explosive New Science of Pregnancy: A look at Annie Murphy Paul’s latest book

Authors Choose Their Favorite Books of 2010: A compilation of responses from book authors of fiction and nonfiction, including Dave Eggers, James McBride, and Laura Hillenbrand

The Science of Near-Death Experiences: An interview with neurologist Kevin Nelson

Armageddon Science: Will humanity destroy itself?

How Real is “Boardwalk Empire’s” Al Capone?: An expert assesses

Non-believers Taking College Campuses By Storm: A re-print of my popular Religion Dispatches article

The Atlantic

The High-Tech Future of the Uterus: A reported feature story about recent medical advancements in uterus transplants and bio-engineered wombs.

The Huffington Post

Why I Won’t Give My Daughter a ‘Cutesy’ Name: An essay that probes whether women with girly names are discriminated against.

I Couldn’t Watch Violent TV While Pregnant: A science/health personal essay on whether pregnancy causes violence aversion.

Religion Dispatches

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and Pro-Home Birth: The Competing Politics of Home Birth – A reported feature on the conflicting choice politics of the burgeoning home birth advocacy community

Are Atheists the New Campus Crusaders? – A reported feature about the proliferation of secular student organizations.


Why Restricting Title X Funding Could Cripple Planned Parenthood: The impact could vary widely from state to state

How Might Pregnant Women Be Impacted By Trumpcare?: An examination of possible scenarios

Donald Trump Says Sexist Comments Were A Joke: In which I maintain a tone of angry sarcasm for 500 words

Why Isn’t Michael Bloomberg Running for President?: In which I examine Bloomberg’s rather maudlin announcement that he isn’t running, and lightly suggest that his stated reasons aren’t fully genuine

Brazilian Officials Warn Against Pregnancy in Unprecedented Public Health Move: Dispatches from the beginnings of the Zika scare

Which Republican Will Win Super Tuesday?: Dispatches from the night before the day it became clear that Trump will likely win the nomination

Jeb Bush Thinks Christian Refugees from Syria Should be Prioritized: A look at his position

The NFL Should Not Give Greg Hardy a ‘Second Chance’: That about covers it

David Daleiden Indicted in Texas: Poetic justice for the man behind the Planned Parenthood videos

Game of Thrones has a big announcement: An entertainment/news story on the best news GoT fans ever got

Theories on How Jon Snow Lives: I let my geek flag fly on this one


RH Reality Check

 Louisiana slashes Medicaid funding; blames typo: A feature of investigative reportage on Louisiana’s cuts to Medicaid for pregnant women.


Babies called “too big” in utero often smaller than doctors think: News story about a new study showing baby’s size predictions are inaccurate.

Postpartum PTSD is real, and here’s what you need to know: Essay about an Atlantic article on postpartum PTSD.

California cracks down on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers: News story about California’s new law, the first of its kind, which monitors the questionable practices of so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers.’

Bad marriages are bad for your heath: A science/health article centering on a new study linking ‘ambivalent’ marriages to higher blood pressure.

This could be why you have asthma: A science/health feature about a fascinating new study that shows an unexpected epigenetic mode of transmission for asthma: a new study shows that if your grandmother smoked, you’re more likely to have asthma.

In These Times

The Walking Dead’s conservative paternalism: My essay about the hit show’s 4th season argues that the series has a conservative viewpoint

The Game of Thrones Rape Apologists: An essay about using historical revisionism to defend contemporary misogyny in HBO’s hit series.

Next American City

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Utopian Dystopia: Feature essay about the great architect’s unrealized utopian dream

The Wind at Their Backs: Reported feature about plans for offshore wind farms in the United States. This article also appeared in the Winter 2010 magazine issue of Next American City.

Trailer Park, Coming to a Curbside Near You: About the unique creation of activist artist Kim Holleman. A shortened version of this article appeared in the Summer 2010 magazine issue of Next American City.

Bitch online – selections from a 24-part blog series

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infant Care in TVLand: The first installment of a 24-part series about representations of pregnant and birthing women in the media

“Up All Night” is Boring But Christian Applegate is Soooo Cool: A curmudgeonly review of the new comedy series

My Water Broke! And . . . Action: An analysis of typical childbirth scenes

The Issue of Control in Childbirth: A close reading of Pam’s birth episode on The Office

Motherhood as the Dream Deferred: A criticism of NY Magazine’s coverage of older motherhood, and a call for family-friendly workplace policies

Is Pregnancy a Disease?: An analysis of the news media’s treatment of pregnancy

An Open Letter to Jon Stewart: About the underrepresentation of “women”s issues” on The Daily Show

1987′s Baby Boom vs. 2010′s Life As We Know It: The evolution of the onscreen working mom

Stay Away From That Tuna! (Or I’ll Take Your Baby): Women-shaming and prenatal health

The Overrepresentation of Fatherhood In TVLand: The pernicious dominance of the male perspective

The Terrifying Birth Scene Showdown: Twilight v. Game of Thrones: It can’t get worse than what Bella went through, can it?

Reagan’s Cesarean on Up All Night and the Issue of Control in Childbirth: Beware the comments section

Farewell from Bringing Up Baby: The last article in the series, with strong words about parental leave policy

Trans Lit Mag Issue 2

Tompkins Square Park, by Day and by Night: A short piece of creative nonfiction


Girlistic Magazine

When Cooking Isn’t Working: Getting the Workplace to Recognize Moms’ Needs: A feature story about the difficulty of balancing long work hours with the responsibility to cook

Elevate Difference (previously the Feminist Review blog), selection of reviews

Book review, “Aghor Medicine: Pollution, Death, and Healing in Northern India,” July 2008

Book review, “Be Good,” March 2008

Book review, “Practically Perfect in Every Way,” June 2007

Music review, Of Montreal’s “Skeletal Lamping,” March 2009

Movie Review, “The Sari Soldiers”

Music review, Polar Bear Club’s “Sometimes Things Just Disappear,” July 2008

Philanthropy News Digest

Book Review, “Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector”

Book Review, “World, Inc.”